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December 2016 Archives

Parental kidnapping is more common around the holidays

Most Tennessee parents who have gone through a divorce want to spend the holidays with their children. However, a divorced parent that has a co-parenting agreement with their ex-spouse may have to share holiday time. Parents that are involved in contentious child custody disputes could find the holidays to be a difficult time, and many family law attorneys say that incidents of parental kidnapping are common around this time.

Clippers center granted overnight visits in custody case

NBA fans in Tennessee may be interested to learn that DeAndre Jordan, who is a center on the Los Angeles Clippers, was granted joint custody of his 1-year-old son on Dec. 16. The child's mother was trying to get sole physical and legal custody.

Contentious legal battle looming in Pitt-Jolie divorce

Movie fans in Tennessee and around the country may have been surprised in August 2016 when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they were seeking a divorce. The Hollywood glamour couple appeared to have the world at their feet, but a brewing contentious legal battle would appear to indicate that they were actually far from happy.

The benefits of a lump sum alimony payment

Alimony is a divorce issue that comes up in many divorce negotiations when Tennessee couples are ending their marriages. If one spouse supported the other spouse financially during the marriage, the lower-earning spouse may need the financial support to continue for a period of time after the divorce. Alimony payments are usually paid on a monthly basis, but they can also be paid in a lump sum.

Child custody cases involving unmarried parents

Many parents in Tennessee who have never been married have child custody issues to resolve. Because child custody cases involving unmarried parents are not divorce cases, other family law issues like spousal support and property division will not come into play. Unmarried parents may reach a custody agreement outside of court, or a family court judge may make a child custody ruling.

Dealing with a parental relocation

Divorced parents in Tennessee might initially plan to live near one another for the sake of the children, but if they meet new partners who live some distance away, they may want to move to be nearer thems. This can create a problem in terms of custody and visitation. The bulk of providing transportation may fall on one parent who might resent it.

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