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Clippers center granted overnight visits in custody case

NBA fans in Tennessee may be interested to learn that DeAndre Jordan, who is a center on the Los Angeles Clippers, was granted joint custody of his 1-year-old son on Dec. 16. The child's mother was trying to get sole physical and legal custody.

Jordan pushed back against the mother's custody request, stating that he wanted to be an active parent and desired to play a major role in the child's life. The center was particularly seeking overnight visits, which he was granted. Sources close to the situation stated that he would get two overnight visits every month.

In addition to the overnight visits, the judge ruled that both parents could not have drugs or alcohol within at least eight hours before having the child in their care. The two parents are scheduled to return to court in March 2017. In the meantime, the center indicated that he was looking forward to getting more time with his son.

If two Tennessee parents cannot come to an agreement on parenting time and raising their child, a judge may be responsible for making the decisions. In some cases, a parent may try to obtain sole custody of a child even if there is no evidence suggesting that the other parent cannot provide proper care. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the child custody case, an attorney may provide evidence that the other parent is preventing the client from spending quality time with the child. The lawyer may also assist with negotiating a parenting plan that allows the client to stay involved in the child's everyday life.

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