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Potential marriage-strengthening tool: Prenuptial agreement

December is obviously the month with the year's biggest holidays. But in family law circles, it's known for a couple of other reasons as well: as one of the months when marriage proposals surge and when divorce filings drop.

Divorce filings with the Davidson County Circuit Court Clerk usually soar in January once the holidays are behind everyone. A recent magazine article poses the question of whether divorce filings might not decrease if more people signed prenuptial agreements.

The New York Magazine article says that some estimates indicate that less than one percent of all couples have a prenup.

The article writers says a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of a prenup because the purpose of the agreement is to describe what will happen in the event of a divorce, "and that’s an icky way to begin a marriage."

But the agreements also serve to prompt helpful discussions of responsibilities and ownership.

Nationally syndicated financial columnist Terry Savage says prenups are about how couples will combine their lives; where their financial priorities lie; and how they will address money issues in a healthful way. It also enables engaged couples to talk through potential issues before they become married-couple fights about money.

The author argues that yes, prenuptials are for people entering marriage with substantial assets, but also for couples with children (or planning on having kids) and who are considering having a parent stay at home to raise them.

Everyone interviewed for the article appear to agree that anyone wondering whether or not a prenup might be appropriate should discuss the matter with a family law attorney experienced in helping craft agreements that strengthen and clarify relationships.

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