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After divorce: don't do this, don't do that

At the end of a hard workweek, sometimes people are exhausted and don't know how to spend their free time. They have been so consumed with finishing their work tasks they have forgotten to plan for a weekend. The same sort of thing can happen with divorce.

A person can be so focused on the emotions and legal processes involved in disputes over property division, spousal maintenance (also known as alimony) and parenting time that when the divorce is final, they don't know what to do with themselves. A recent report on the "Today" show might help sort some of those questions out.

The report focuses on the things you should not do after your divorce. For instance, at the very top of the list is this piece of advice: don't make drastic physical changes. In other words, don't get a tattoo and don't get a piercing to celebrate the divorce.

Allow yourself a bit of cooling off time after the divorce before you get "free at last" emblazoned down an arm.

Also on the list of things not to do: don't expect your former spouse to be reasonable. And on a related note is the very next item: don't hook up with an ex.

While dating a former someone-special might be emotionally easy to do, it is likely going to be unfair to both you and the ex. Both of you might be comfy reliving the past, but remember: this person is a former someone-special for good reason.

Also on the list: don't speak ill of your former spouse on social media. Yes, you might need to vent, and if you do, do it to close friends or family. Don't do it in a way that involves the entire world.

You might say something that you will later regret and you might start a war of words and emotions that reminds you a lot of the marriage you just left.

Friends, counselors and family members can help you get through the emotional difficulties of divorce. An experienced Nashville attorney can help get you through the legal complexities of family law. Please feel free to contact us with questions about your situation.

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