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Uma Thurman and ex begin custody dispute

Nashville residents who enjoy following celebrity news may be aware that actress Uma Thurman and her former fiancé, French financier Arpad Busson, met in court to determine child custody over their 4-year-old daughter on Jan. 13. The former couple was facing off to determine who would get to decide where the child went to school, among other parenting duties.

During the questioning, Busson's attorney suggested that Thurman had a pill habit, though the judge did not allow the attorney to talk about potential side effects. The court-appointed psychologist stated that Thurman had been cleared of psychological issues by her doctor. However, she did say that the main problem with the former couple was that there was bad blood between them.

Thurman and Busson could not come to an agreement over where the child should attend school. Thurman wanted to send the child to a private art-oriented school, though the psychologist suggested that she may be too young. Busson, who has a foundation that builds schools in England, stated that he found that school too cramped and cluttered.

When parents cannot come to an agreement, child custody disputes can be particularly difficult for both the children and parents. A family law attorney may help a parent negotiate with the other one in order to reach some sort of agreement that is beneficial for everyone involved. If one parent believes that the children would benefit the most from living with him or her, a lawyer may assist with seeking primary physical custody. This may be the case if the other parent no longer lives in the same state or country.

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