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Dividing assets and debts in Tennessee divorces

No matter how large or small a couple's marital estates might be, divorcing spouses will need to determine how their assets should be divided. The division of assets can be a difficult process with smaller estates where there are few assets to divide. During your marriage, if you and your spouse accumulated substantial assets, your property division issues may be very complex.

People who have been married for lengthy periods of time may have assets and finances that are very entangled that will need to be teased apart in order to determine the most equitable distribution of the assets. If you own real property, you may need to have a professional appraiser determine its value. Businesses may become entangled with the finances of both spouses over time, even if one spouse was primarily responsible for running it. In order to determine how a business should be divided, you may need to hire a professional business valuator.

If you and your spouse have retirement accounts and stocks, you will need to figure out how to divide them in a way that will benefit you the most tax-wise. Finally, dividing debts and liabilities should not be overlooked, and you will need to be able to figure out the most equitable way to do so.

At our practice, we've been handling complex divorce property and debt division matters for more than 30 years. We help our clients determine the worth of their assets and how to divide them to incur the least amount of tax consequences later on. In many cases, we're able to negotiate property settlement agreements without having to go to court. In some cases, litigation is necessary, and when it is, we fight tirelessly for our clients' rights. To learn more about asset and debt division, you can visit our page on property division.

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