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Types of alimony that may be ordered

Issues regarding alimony or spousal support sometimes arise in Tennessee divorce cases. If you are going through a divorce in which alimony may be at issue, it is important for you to understand the types of alimony that might be ordered as well as when judges are more likely to order it.

Alimony is normally ordered in cases in which one spouse will have obvious financial disadvantages after the divorce. If you are a much higher-earning spouse, it is possible that a court will order you to pay your spouse alimony. If you or your spouse do not have a job and need to attend school in order to get the training necessary to get one, the judge may order rehabilitative alimony, which is a type of support that is paid while people get the training that they need to find work.

Alimony in futuro may be ordered in cases in which it isn't feasible for the spouses to find work or get educations and may be ordered to continue until death. Transitional alimony is ordered for short periods during which rehabilitation is unnecessary. Alimony pendente lite is a type of alimony that may be ordered while your divorce is still pending.

Attorney Stanley A. Kweller helps his clients who need alimony as well as those who are objecting to it. He works to help his clients negotiate agreements about alimony if settlements are possible. In cases in which settlements can't be negotiated, Kweller litigates the issue of alimony through divorce trials for his clients. If you believe that alimony will be an issue in your divorce, you may want to review our Nashville child support and alimony page to get additional information about it.

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