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March 2017 Archives

Tips for preparing financially for your divorce

The winter was long. And, it was hard. You and your husband fought constantly from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Valentine's Day. You finally decided to file for divorce. But, you decided to wait until after you file for taxes together and get your tax return.

Children and divorce: communication and coping

When the topic of divorce comes up for parents in Nashville, it's never an easy conversation. But with that being said, every soon-to-be-divorced couple handles the topic a little differently. Some are proactive about the way they discuss divorce with their children while others try to avoid the subject altogether. For the most part, it can be very helpful to take a somewhat proactive approach when it comes to divorce. Planning ahead as to how you will handle the split in relation to your children can help them cope with the divorce in a healthy way.

Unusual child custody order settles unusual divorce dispute

There are some family law disputes that are more contentious and difficult than others. Among the most contentious are disagreements between divorcing Nashville parents over custody and parenting time. When negotiations fail to bridge the differences and forge an agreement between the parents, both sides rely on the court to determine terms.

Marriage therapists explain the difficulties in second marriages

A recent article on second and third marriages takes a look at why so many of them end up as second or third divorces. It’s easy to speculate about why statistics show second and subsequent marriages are more likely to end in divorce, but the writer of the piece decided to talk to marriage therapists and counselors instead.

Tennessee Supreme Court issues ruling in parental relocation dispute

A family law case recently decided by the Tennessee Supreme Court had its beginning back in 2010 when a Clarksville couple divorced. After their split, the mom worked overseas while the dad stayed in Tennessee to attend nursing school.

Part II: Long-term look at divorce

In our previous post, we took a look at the Nashville Ledger's recent extensive article on marriage and divorce. The piece takes a look at the statistical trends in divorce (people in first marriages are staying together longer) and marriage (folks are much more likely to cohabitate before marriage than they were in decades past).

Long-term look at divorce

Just as styles in clothes, movies, food and songs inevitably change over time, so do trends in marriage and divorce. According to a recent article in the Nashville Ledger, some of the changes to divorce in recent years have been dramatic.

After divorce, spring break can be bittersweet holiday

Ever since you were a kid in school, "spring break" probably was marked on the family calendar with a happy explanation point after it. It marked a break from school, the beginning of warmer weather and, for some of the most fortunate, a family vacation to a new place.

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