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Children and divorce: communication and coping

When the topic of divorce comes up for parents in Nashville, it's never an easy conversation. But with that being said, every soon-to-be-divorced couple handles the topic a little differently. Some are proactive about the way they discuss divorce with their children while others try to avoid the subject altogether. For the most part, it can be very helpful to take a somewhat proactive approach when it comes to divorce. Planning ahead as to how you will handle the split in relation to your children can help them cope with the divorce in a healthy way.

Aside from keeping the lines of communication open, it's important to think about how you act around your children. Many times parents are still living together and continue to fight in front of their children. Try your best to avoid fighting when kids are around. Not only does this cause a lot of frustration and hurt for a child but the child may also feel like they are to blame for the split. It's very important that a child understands that he or she did not cause the split to happen. Being open and communicating with your child in age-appropriate ways can help the child process what is happening. On top of that, having your child in therapy may be a worthwhile decision in the long run.


When it comes to time with each parent, things are obviously going to change. With this new living arrangement can come certain challenges. No matter how you feel about your ex-spouse, remember that your child should have the ability to spend time with their other parent without feeling guilty. When they are in your home, it can be helpful to create new traditions that are specific to you and your child. This can be helpful when adjusting to the living circumstances. These changes may not be easy on a child but with a little preparation, things can be very manageable for both parents and child.  

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