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Secrets in divorce

It goes without saying that divorce can turn the lives of those involved upside down. It involves changes in the finances of both spouses, and if they are parents, divorce can involve deep disagreements over parenting time, visitation and much more.

According to a recent article in Good Housekeeping, divorce can also be a process in which deep secrets are uncovered. In some situations, the secrets span areas such as property division (debt, the family home, savings and more), child custody and private information that undoubtedly proved embarrassing.

The Good Housekeeping article says the revelations about divorces come from family law attorneys who participated in an AskReddit thread.

A not-so-uncommon revelation in a divorce is that a spouse is hiding assets. In the case mentioned in Good Housekeeping, the assets hidden in divorce included an oil rig, two apartment complexes and a beachfront penthouse. 

Another case involved "an elderly gentleman" getting a divorce who wanted to know if a fondness for pornography might adversely affect his divorce should his wife and her lawyer find out about it. The attorney who spoke with the man said it was unlikely that his porn collection would have much of an impact on the legal proceedings.

But the man hemmed and hawed and wanted to know if a preference for pornography outside the "mainstream" might be more likely to have negative repercussions. When pressed to explain what he meant, the man said that his collected porn was focused on goats.

Another odd secret in a divorce involved a woman who concealed the fact from her husband that she had burned down the kitchen in their home. (He didn't know this because he was no longer living in the house.)

Of course, while these kinds of stories can be entertaining, the reality is that no one wants private information made public in a divorce. An experienced family law attorney helps protect you, your family and your rights at every step of the legal process.

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