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Unusual child custody order settles unusual divorce dispute

There are some family law disputes that are more contentious and difficult than others. Among the most contentious are disagreements between divorcing Nashville parents over custody and parenting time. When negotiations fail to bridge the differences and forge an agreement between the parents, both sides rely on the court to determine terms.

We read recently of a court far from us that came to an unusual decision in an unusual family law dispute over child custody and parenting time.

According to a CNN report, the three-sided child custody dispute has been a lengthy and difficult one. It came to a close recently when a New York judge said that custody of a 10-year-old boy is to be shared between his father and two mothers.

The unusual ending to the story has its genesis in marriage. The father, identified as Michael, and mother, identified as Dawn were married and wanted a child, but struggled to become pregnant.

The two then met their neighbor, Audria, and began as a threesome to have "intimate relations." The three reportedly considered themselves a family, planning to have and raise a child together. So when Audria became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, it was cause for celebration.

The three-sided relationship unraveled a year later, when Audria and Dawn moved out of the home shared with Michael, moved in together, and took the boy with them.

Michael and Dawn then filed for divorce, with a critical child custody dispute at its center.

According to Dawn's family law attorney, the boy lives primarily with the women, both of whom he considers his moms.

The judge stated in his written opinion that the child is well-adjusted, loves all three parents and that his interests are best protected by the unusual tri-custody order.

Let’s hope that the three parents and child can make the arrangement work to everyone's benefit.

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