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Stay organized after spousal support is awarded

When a couple decides it is time for a divorce, one of the concerns that the spouses may have is spousal support. During the marriage, one of the spouses may have given up his or her career for the good of the marriage or for the good of the family. They may have restricted themselves professionally and financially. And there are also legitimate concerns for the spouses going forward after a divorce. Can they financially fend for themselves as two individuals, as opposed to a couple?

This is where spousal support comes in. There are many different forms of alimony in Tennessee -- from temporary to more permanent support payments, and from rehabilitative payments to lump sum payments -- and they all serve their purpose.

But alimony isn't guaranteed in any divorce. This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed during the divorce process.

Today, though, let's talk about what happens when spousal support is awarded and what the splitting spouse will need to do after the divorce to properly track their payments.

Either spouse should keep records that track the data included in any payment. So both the paying spouse and receiving spouse should log these pieces of information every time there is an alimony payment:

  • The bank used
  • The account number
  • The check number (if cash is used, make a paper receipt and make sure both spouses sign it)
  • The date of the payment
  • The amount of the payment

By tracking this information, not only will you be able to sufficiently address your taxes (which will be impacted by spousal support payments) but you will also have evidence to support any claims you may make in regards to an alimony dispute.

Source: FindLaw, "Alimony Guidelines: What Records to Keep Regarding Your Alimony," Accessed April 28, 2017 

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