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May 2017 Archives

Making divorce amicable can cut costs and shrink emotional toll

It might sound like a dream that can never come true: an amicable separation and end to your marriage. But amicable divorces really do happen a financial analyst wrote recently. Even better, he offered advice to people who want their divorce to be amicable and fair to everyone involved, including children.

Supreme Court restricts spouse's share of military retirement

A recent United States Supreme Court ruling could affect some of the many Nashville residents who are former members of the military or are married to veterans. Earlier this week, the high court ruled that states cannot raise an ex spouse's share of military retirement pay to compensate for lost benefits when the veteran receives disability pay.

Tennessee woman granted rights of husband in same-sex divorce

A recent Tennessee court decision granted a divorce to a lesbian couple after a judge changed his mind about the case. Knox County Circuit Court Judge Greg McMillan initially ruled that one of the women had no rights as a parent to a child created by artificial insemination.

A gray area: Divorce over the age of 50

They are getting up there. They know who the Talking Heads were and some of them can identify the members of the Beatles by name (hint: none were called Bruno, Bieber or even Bono). Some can remember way back to when Peyton Manning played quarterback at the University of Tennessee.

Three important tools for moving on from divorce

How important is forgiveness after a divorce? You may not think about it right now because of how angry, hurt and dismayed you may be, but forgiveness can be a powerful and effective antidote to the ills of divorce. As we have noted in a number of our posts, there is life beyond your divorce, and it is important to prepare for it; whether it is financially, emotionally or with regard to relationships.

Doctor shares advice for kids of divorcing parents

Divorce is tough for everyone involved, but perhaps toughest of all on children. Divorcing parents often struggle to know how much to share with their kids and how much to keep private. It can also be hard for parents to make sure that their children understand that the divorce is not their fault; that the divorce is because of disagreements mom and dad have, rather than because the kids somehow failed to be good enough.

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