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Making divorce amicable can cut costs and shrink emotional toll

It might sound like a dream that can never come true: an amicable separation and end to your marriage. But amicable divorces really do happen a financial analyst wrote recently. Even better, he offered advice to people who want their divorce to be amicable and fair to everyone involved, including children.

An amicable split can shrink the emotional cost to you and your kids and it can also keep your financial pain to a minimum, analyst, MBA and author Shawn Leamon says.

Leamon lays out "four must-know secrets" for people who want to keep the anger, the vitriol and the emotional and financial costs under control:

Leamon writes that divorcing parents must prioritize their children. Kids notice everything. They see you and they hear you. So if you are hostile with your soon-to-be-ex, it is not flying under the little ones' radar.

While you're enduring the stress of your divorce, remind yourself that saying negative things about your spouse is at the very same time, negative commentary on your children's other parent. It's not good for them to hear either of their parents being trashed (your children love both of their parents).

Another piece of advice: "take care of yourself." Leamon writes that everyone needs to find a way to talk over their feelings in a difficult time. For some people, that will mean talking things over with a counselor or therapist. For others, it will mean frequent heart-to-heart discussions with a supportive friend.

An experienced family law attorney can help guide you through the process so that you can protect yourself and your family while avoiding lengthy litigation.

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