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June 2017 Archives

What is the purpose of alimony?

When a marriage fails, both spouses will inevitably enter back into society since. In many cases, during the course of the marriage one spouse acted as the caretaker in the home, making sure that all the tasks and chores were done while the other spouse worked to support the couple.

Military divorce reaches Supreme Court

Spouses who serve in the military must follow both federal law and Tennessee statutes while undergoing divorce. Although it addressed an appeal from Arizona, the U.S. Supreme Court's recent opinion on retirement and disability pay and divorce settlements that helps military retirees and can impact and can impact their families in at least 30 states.

Pre-wedding plans for post-wedding property division

Brides.com is all about some of the things some women focus on in the days leading up to a wedding: rings, gowns, receptions and honeymoons. The site is also willing to take peeks inside topics that can be difficult for brides to broach but important to tackle.

Nesting: Another way of resolving parenting time disputes

As regular readers of our Nashville family law blog know, one of the most difficult disagreements in divorce can be between parents on the subject of where their children should live. A recent article in the New York Times explored a concept that might be familiar to some readers: bird nesting.

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