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How to get your parenting time wishes granted

We all understand how much parents love their children and always want what's in their best interests. The courts recognize this as well, and will make decisions in divorce to assure that the children's future living arrangements are in their best interests.

In the process of a divorce, spouses may disagree as to what exactly is in a child's best interests. It is not uncommon for both spouses to believe that they best for their children. If a divorcing couple is able to work together, can prove to the courts that their relationship is amicable enough, that they will still live relatively close to one another, and that their schedules are flexible enough or can align with each other properly, it is possible to have joint custody. This is rare however.

In most cases, the courts will analyze the children's previous living arrangements and will take that into consideration when making their child custody decisions. They may even speak with the children individually to learn how they feel about their relationship with their parents. The courts will also try to determine who is the primary caregiver - which parent handles the day to day tasks with the children such as meals, homework, leisure time, and putting the children to bed.

If you are in the middle of a child custody battle and believe that your parenting time arrangements may be compromised, you may want to reach out to a law firm familiar with family law to protect yourself and fight for your rights. Having the right team on your side to work to get your wishes granted can make all the difference in the world.

Source: findlaw.com "Child Custody Basics," Accessed June 14, 2017

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