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Robert Meachem jailed for failing to pay alimony, child support

Tennessee Titans fans may be shocked to learn that former wide receiver Robert Meachem is serving a jail sentence for failing to pay almost $400,000 in child support and alimony to his ex-wife. A former New Orleans Saint, Meachem began serving his 30-day jail sentence on Feb. 13 in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Types of alimony that may be ordered

Issues regarding alimony or spousal support sometimes arise in Tennessee divorce cases. If you are going through a divorce in which alimony may be at issue, it is important for you to understand the types of alimony that might be ordered as well as when judges are more likely to order it.

Alimony basics in Tennessee

Spousal support, or alimony, is normally awarded to an individual who has given up the ability to make money due to a marriage. This can include supporting a spouse who gave up their career or stayed home to take care of children. Alimony exists to provide the spouse with less income the ability to support themselves after a divorce.

The benefits of a lump sum alimony payment

Alimony is a divorce issue that comes up in many divorce negotiations when Tennessee couples are ending their marriages. If one spouse supported the other spouse financially during the marriage, the lower-earning spouse may need the financial support to continue for a period of time after the divorce. Alimony payments are usually paid on a monthly basis, but they can also be paid in a lump sum.

Charities score in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce

Tennessee residents have probably heard about the recent high-profile divorce of movie stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. While most couples going through a separation are not dealing with the amount of money this famous couple has, some aspects of their divorce could apply to more typical cases. Of particularly note is something Depp did that could end up costing Heard money.

Spousal support upheld in case of immigrant divorce

Going to a Tennessee court to litigate issues surrounding a divorce can be a stressful matter, but a prenuptial agreement could simplify things for people who have thought through the potential end of their marriage in advance. However, there are many cases in which these agreements can be challenged based on issues such as the exertion of undue pressure or the lack of legal representation when signing. A recent divorce between a U.S. citizen and his immigrant wife demonstrates that a prenuptial agreement could be set aside if another contract is found to take precedence.

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