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Nesting: Another way of resolving parenting time disputes

As regular readers of our Nashville family law blog know, one of the most difficult disagreements in divorce can be between parents on the subject of where their children should live. A recent article in the New York Times explored a concept that might be familiar to some readers: bird nesting.

Tennessee woman granted rights of husband in same-sex divorce

A recent Tennessee court decision granted a divorce to a lesbian couple after a judge changed his mind about the case. Knox County Circuit Court Judge Greg McMillan initially ruled that one of the women had no rights as a parent to a child created by artificial insemination.

Doctor shares advice for kids of divorcing parents

Divorce is tough for everyone involved, but perhaps toughest of all on children. Divorcing parents often struggle to know how much to share with their kids and how much to keep private. It can also be hard for parents to make sure that their children understand that the divorce is not their fault; that the divorce is because of disagreements mom and dad have, rather than because the kids somehow failed to be good enough.

Children and divorce: communication and coping

When the topic of divorce comes up for parents in Nashville, it's never an easy conversation. But with that being said, every soon-to-be-divorced couple handles the topic a little differently. Some are proactive about the way they discuss divorce with their children while others try to avoid the subject altogether. For the most part, it can be very helpful to take a somewhat proactive approach when it comes to divorce. Planning ahead as to how you will handle the split in relation to your children can help them cope with the divorce in a healthy way.

Unusual child custody order settles unusual divorce dispute

There are some family law disputes that are more contentious and difficult than others. Among the most contentious are disagreements between divorcing Nashville parents over custody and parenting time. When negotiations fail to bridge the differences and forge an agreement between the parents, both sides rely on the court to determine terms.

After divorce, spring break can be bittersweet holiday

Ever since you were a kid in school, "spring break" probably was marked on the family calendar with a happy explanation point after it. It marked a break from school, the beginning of warmer weather and, for some of the most fortunate, a family vacation to a new place.

Post-divorce parenting tips

Everyone knows of the Ten Commandments, but many people wish they could find a similar list of directions for parents who face the prospect of divorce. A recent article on a women's lifestyle website deliver "commandments" for post-divorce parents on how to share parenting time in a healthy way.

Divorce advice from those who have been there, done that

Mentors, teachers and guides are some of the most useful people you can find. When your path crosses with such a person here in Nashville, it's good to latch on to him or her and download as much wisdom from their brains as you can.

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