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Tips for preparing financially for your divorce

The winter was long. And, it was hard. You and your husband fought constantly from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Valentine's Day. You finally decided to file for divorce. But, you decided to wait until after you file for taxes together and get your tax return.

Is it possible to modify a child support decree?

No parents wants their children to have anything less than the best that they can offer them. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of the matter is that life does not always give you what you expect, and it can be difficult to know how to react when you get thrown a curve ball.

5 things you control during mediation proceedings

The word "divorce" often conjures images of bickering couples sitting in a courtroom while a judge patiently listens before making a final say on the matter. While this may have been the way of divorce in the past, times have certainly changed. Feelings about divorce proceedings have shifted, and couples are now looking to divorce alternatives like mediation to dissolve their marriage.

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