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Nashville Divorce Lawyer

During a divorce or legal separation, it can often be difficult to reach an agreement regarding property division, child support and other matters. I am Stanley A. Kweller, Attorney at Law. From offices in Nashville, I have been helping people with serious family law matters in middle Tennessee since 1977. As an experienced divorce lawyer, I have helped hundreds of clients resolve their complex issues related to child custody, property division, and alimony and child support. When clients contact me, I take the time to understand their goals and concerns regarding the process.

To talk to an experienced lawyer about your divorce, send me an e-mail or call me at 615-208-9691 or toll free at 866-568-5306. I return all phone calls and messages promptly.

Experienced Franklin Family Divorce Attorney

When couples reach a point where they finally bring a lawyer in to assist them, their emotions are wound tight, and they usually find any attempt at reaching an agreement frustrating.

Because divorce affects so many, often individuals come to me with notions of what they believe the divorce process is like. For example, people sometimes hear that you are officially divorced as soon as you file or that property you acquire after filing is not a marital asset. Unfortunately, this and much of the other information people hear from well-meaning friends and family members is incorrect or only partially true.

As an experienced Nashville divorce attorney, I can help to dispel myths you may have heard regarding divorce and clarify what actually happens during the process. During our first few meetings, I make sure my clients know every aspect of the divorce process, so they can understand what is happening and why. I explain my role in the process and make sure they know what is expected of them. The divorce process does not happen overnight, and I work closely with my clients throughout its entirety. I make sure my clients have the information they need to make informed decisions every step of the way.

What Family Law Judges in Middle Tennessee Will Expect

Marriage is a legal contract between two parties. Divorce, therefore, is the dissolution of the contract. It is not a process for destroying your spouse for transgressions and frustrations that have built up over the duration of your marriage — No matter how real or imagined they might be.

Judges in county courts throughout middle Tennessee will expect parties and their lawyers to do everything possible to resolve disputes outside of their court of law. That will probably mean working with your spouse and his or her attorney to negotiate on key issues, such as property division, custody and parenting rights, and spousal maintenance.

When you hire me, I promise to keep you focused on your ultimate goals. Judges hold divorce attorneys to high standards regarding working toward a resolution that will protect clients' rights and financial interests. You can trust that I will have your future interests in mind throughout your case. When we present a proposal or evidence to the court, it will be researched, accurate and thought through — always with an eye on your best interests.

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Call my office today at 615-208-9691 or toll free at 866-568-5306 to schedule a free initial consultation. Or to send an e-mail, please complete and submit the online form on this website. From my location in Nashville, I represent clients throughout middle Tennessee. Credit card payments are accepted.

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