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May 2016 Archives

Child custody issues across multiple states

Tennessee parents who are divorcing may wonder what will happen to their child custody agreement if one parent moves out of state. In general, a federal law ensures that a home state's custody ruling can be enforced in every other state. The home state is wherever the child lived for six consecutive months with at least one parent. For babies under six months old, it is wherever the child lived with a parent after birth.

On equitable distribution, and the process of property division

Property division comes in two forms. There are 10 states that follow "community property." This form of property division divides property into two classes, marital property and separate property. If something is deemed separate property, then it belongs to the spouse that owns it. If something is deemed marital property, then each spouse has a 50 percent stake in the asset.

Child custody and visitation problems

There are several problems that are all-too-common in child custody and visitation matters in Tennessee. When these problems arise, court intervention might be necessary. It is best if people can remember that child custody and visitation issues are equally hard, if not more so, on the children they share with the other parents and strive to work together to raise them.

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