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Child custody and visitation problems

There are several problems that are all-too-common in child custody and visitation matters in Tennessee. When these problems arise, court intervention might be necessary. It is best if people can remember that child custody and visitation issues are equally hard, if not more so, on the children they share with the other parents and strive to work together to raise them.

A very common problem happens when the parents just simply don't get along. When a parent who has physical custody of a child holds bad feelings towards the parent with visitation, the custodial parent may then refuse to honor any agreement the parents have regarding visitation time. If the bitter parent is ignoring an order issued by the court, the other parent may request sanctions. If the parents do not have a formal custody order from the court, the other parent may want to file a petition for child custody and visitation to be established.

A related issue is when the non-custodial parent fails to show up for visitation. When this happens, the non-custodial parent may be allowed to make up the missed time, but they could also face sanctions for missing their scheduled visitation. One of the most serious problems is parental alienation. This happens when one parent interferes with the other parent's visitation rights.

When child custody issues arise, the parent whose rights are being violated may want to get help from a family law attorney. An attorney may file the necessary motions and litigate the issues in court.

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