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Divorce advice from those who have been there, done that

Mentors, teachers and guides are some of the most useful people you can find. When your path crosses with such a person here in Nashville, it's good to latch on to him or her and download as much wisdom from their brains as you can.

We recently read an article with good, grounded advice from divorced people to those who are going to go through divorce.

One of their first bits of advice: get a financial disclosure. While it might sound as simple as asking your soon-to-be-ex a question or two, the divorce advisors says it's a matter best left to a family law attorney.

Simply put, a divorce lawyer knows where to look when it's likely that a spouse isn't being forthright about assets or income. "Doing it yourself is not always productive," one of the divorce advice-dispensers said.

More advice:

  • Attach a price to everything: that includes your house (and the mortgage), vehicles, bank accounts, retirement savings, student loans, etc. Getting all of those numbers together enables your lawyer to "give you meaningful legal advice" about matters including property division, child support and spousal support.
  • Keep emotions in check around your kids: divorce is an emotional difficult experience, but do not unload or share your pain on the children. Hold it in until you are in the company of a trusted friend or family member.

For those facing the prospect of divorce, a conversation with an experienced Nashville attorney about your circumstances can help you protect yourself, your finances and your children as the process gets underway.

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