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Survey: divorces surge in January

The presents have been unwrapped and put away. The tinsel is down and the last Christmas cookie has been eaten. Now that January is here, it is time for many couples to take care of family law matters put aside for the holidays.

A recent survey shows that divorce filings soar by nearly one-third after the holiday season ends. The former president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says the divorce surge begins the moment he and his staff return to their offices in early January.

Another attorney interviewed for the newspaper article said the first few post-holiday days are busiest for divorce lawyers, but said the surge carries throughout the first month of the year.

According to the survey, 40 percent of the couples have had marital issues lasting at least two years, with 10 percent of them having issues they deem severe. A quarter of the couples said they believed that the holiday season could be the deciding factor in their marriage; they would decide once and for all to divorce or stay together, depending on how holiday time together unfolded.

Those make-or-break couples said they planned to use a variety of tried-and-true tactics to see if their marriages could be revived, including date nights (without their kids), expensive gifts and cuddling time.

Of course, there are many who would say that a couple in a struggling marriage puts even more pressure on themselves with a make-or-break approach. "When reality falls short of expectations, it can be very difficult," a family law attorney said.

For some couples, the holidays don't change the ways in which they view their marriages. For them, they want out no matter what, and have merely put off a conversation with a divorce lawyer to maintain family peace during the holidays.

No matter your situation, you can discuss your legal options and your priorities in divorce with an experienced Nashville attorney.

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