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5 tips for men seeking divorce

1. Document everything

The first thing you should do is make sure you document everything. Get your banking documents, documents including loans or debts and any chats, social media posts or other items you want to use in court. Do this before you decide to speak to your partner about a divorce. If you wait, you may find that she changes her passwords or does not willingly provide you with those documents. There is also a chance that your partner could transfer or hide assets.

2. Don't hide assets

On the topic of hiding assets, it's a bad idea. If it's discovered that you hid assets during your divorce, your credibility will take a hit. On top of that, the court may fine you or impose other penalties.

3. Understand the purpose of alimony for yourself or your ex

Alimony might be a possibility in your divorce, especially if one of you has worked as a breadwinner for a long period of time while the other raised children. The purpose of alimony is to provide the lesser-earning spouse with income support while he or she gets a job, goes to school or steadies his or her finances.

Sometimes, alimony helps make up a large discrepancy in your incomes. For example, if you make $100,000 per year while your wife makes only $30,000, alimony to help your wife afford the same standard of living may be on the table. However, if it is reversed and you are the lesser earning spouse, you may have the right to alimony.

4. Put your kids first

If you have children with your wife, understand that your children must come first. It's your job to work with your spouse to make this transition as easy as possible. Try not to talk badly about your spouse to your children, and if they're old enough, ask them for input on what they'd like to see in a custody arrangement.

5. Be willing to negotiate

Seeking a divorce often means that you don't want to work with your spouse due to problems in your marriage, but it's a good idea to be willing to negotiate. Negotiations help you get through property division and child custody arrangements faster and without needing to go to court. This saves you money in the long run.

These are just a few tips for a divorce. Your attorney can help with problems and factors that affect your specific case. With the right legal advice, you can work toward a settlement that you can agree with and finalize your divorce as quickly as possib le.

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