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3 visitation tips for parents whose children have relocated

When a court approves the relocation of a parent and child, the other parent may not get the same kind of visitation as before. Fortunately, there are alternative styles of visitation that can help bridge the gap, so distance doesn't come between you and your child. Here are a few alternative visitation techniques that can help you stay involved in your child's life. 

1. Use social media

Once children reach a certain age, social media can help them connect with their family and friends. That includes you. You can add your child to your social networks as well so you can stay updated on his or her day. Many social networks have chat functions or walls where you can leave notes, photos and other information, so you stay connected.

2. Try virtual visitation

Virtual visitation usually refers to visitation using a webcam-based program. Programs that allow you to call through the computer give you the ability to see your child face-to-face, even though you're living apart. This technology also makes it possible for you to participate in events you might otherwise not have been able to see in real time. For example, as long as the program is open during your child's dance recital or sports performance, you can watch him or her perform while the performance is happening.

3. Use gaming technology

Sometimes, kids just want to play. Games give them that ability. With so many new game consoles and programs out there, it's easy to stay connected and to interact with your child. You can both join a game with a headset to communicate so you can play together despite being a distance apart. In games without headset options, there are often chat windows that players use to communicate. While this might not be traditional visitation, this does give you a chance to engage with your child in an activity that he or she loves.

These are a few alternative visitation techniques that may help you be more involved in your child's life, no matter where he or she is. Your attorney can talk to you about these types of visitation, which are meant to keep you connected when you can't see your child in person. These techniques should not and cannot replace all face-to-face contact, but instead, give you a chance to see your child more through alternative means.

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