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Pre-wedding plans for post-wedding property division

Brides.com is all about some of the things some women focus on in the days leading up to a wedding: rings, gowns, receptions and honeymoons. The site is also willing to take peeks inside topics that can be difficult for brides to broach but important to tackle.

They recently ran an article packed with advice on how to talk about prenuptial agreements and how to handle property division in the event that you and your soon-to-be spouse must divorce.

The article on prenups is listed in the "Love & Sex" category, but even a family law attorney would agree that there's not much romantic or sexy about discussions of property division or asset protection. Regardless, for many Nashville couples, it's a topic worth raising.

An attorney quoted in the article makes the point that because prenups are often viewed in a negative light, it might be better to begin a discussion by talking about how you and your betrothed will handle finances and financial planning in your marriage.

After all, a prenuptial agreement is a form of financial planning, just as estate planning and investments are ways to map out a future that is more secure and suited to what you want in life.

For someone who owns a business or for a couple that plans to open a business, a prenup can be vital. And for a couple considering having one spouse put a career on pause to raise children, it can make sense to talk now about financial considerations involved in that choice.

Anyone who is interested in a possible prenup, or is grappling with property division disputes in a pending divorce, a conversation with an experienced family law attorney can help you understand your best options.

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