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Divorce in Nashville means splitting marital assets

As married couples in Nashville move forward through the years, they usually amass many types of property that have a lot of sentimental and financial value. They may buy their first home, then later on, a vacation home. These homes are filled with furniture, electronics, appliances and artwork. They may own several vehicles or even a boat. They may also have retirement accounts, stocks and other financial accounts. They may even share a family business together. When combined, the total value of these assets can amount to thousands or, in some cases, even millions of dollars.

However, not every marriage is meant to last. Couples that were once in love may find that as time marches on, their personalities change so that they are no longer compatible. In the end, they may decide it is best for them to divorce. Yet, before they go their separate ways, they must split their marital assets.

Property division can lead to a lot of disagreements. Because Tennessee is an "equitable division" state, when marital property is divided in a divorce, this division is based on fairness and may not be an equal 50/50 split. This can lead to many questions about how to divide marital property in a way that is fair and appropriate.

For these reasons, those in Nashville seeking a divorce may want to retain an attorney to represent their interests, both in property division and other aspects of the divorce process. For example, attorney Stanley A. Kweller has assisted over 1,000 individuals with their divorces. Whether it is through out-of-court negotiations or through litigation, he is prepared to fully represent his client's interests in the divorce process. His webpage may be of use to people in Nashville who are contemplating divorce and want more information.

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