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3 visitation tips for parents whose children have relocated

When a court approves the relocation of a parent and child, the other parent may not get the same kind of visitation as before. Fortunately, there are alternative styles of visitation that can help bridge the gap, so distance doesn't come between you and your child. Here are a few alternative visitation techniques that can help you stay involved in your child's life. 

Is it possible to modify a child support decree?

No parents wants their children to have anything less than the best that they can offer them. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of the matter is that life does not always give you what you expect, and it can be difficult to know how to react when you get thrown a curve ball.

Facts about Tennessee's Parenting Education Seminar

The Tennessee Parenting Plan Law requires divorcing parents to take a class or a series of classes called the Parenting Education Seminar. Here are some facts about the classes.The Parenting Education Seminar is in place to educate parents on how to deal with each other and with their children during and after divorce proceedings. The purpose of the Seminar is to lessen the emotional impact divorce has on families and make the process easier for children.

Reality star headed to family court

Tennessee residents who watched the reality series "The Bachelor" likely know that the show's Amanda Stanton, who also appeared in "The Bachelor in Paradise," was engaged to be married to star Josh Murray. Stanton's ex-husband, with whom she shares two children, has now filed motions to modify the amount of child support he pays as well as the child custody order.

States starting to favor joint child custody

Tennessee parents who are getting a divorce might want to share physical custody of their children. Some studies have shown that spending roughly equal time with both parents is good for children. Furthermore, several states have changed their child custody laws to encourage joint custody.

Judge rules in Chris Brown's favor in custody case

Tennessee fans of entertainer Chris Brown may have been following his custody battle with Nia Guzman, the mother of his daughter Royalty. Guzman had filed a number of motions against the singer, but in a court hearing on Aug. 12, the judge denied them all.

Social media may be used as evidence in family law cases

Some people in Tennessee who are going through divorces give little consideration about their social media accounts, their text messaging and their emails. All of these can be used as evidence in family court in divorce and child custody cases, however.

Child custody laws in Tennessee

Like most other states, Tennessee has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. This provides that the states will respect and enforce the custody laws from other jurisdictions, and the child custody laws of each are similar to one another.

Child custody issues across multiple states

Tennessee parents who are divorcing may wonder what will happen to their child custody agreement if one parent moves out of state. In general, a federal law ensures that a home state's custody ruling can be enforced in every other state. The home state is wherever the child lived for six consecutive months with at least one parent. For babies under six months old, it is wherever the child lived with a parent after birth.

Child custody and visitation problems

There are several problems that are all-too-common in child custody and visitation matters in Tennessee. When these problems arise, court intervention might be necessary. It is best if people can remember that child custody and visitation issues are equally hard, if not more so, on the children they share with the other parents and strive to work together to raise them.

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