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Does federal law protect servicemembers in divorce proceedings?

America's servicemembers are true heroes that sacrifice much for our nation. Unfortunately, long deployments along with other demands placed on them can take a toll on their marriages, sometimes leading to divorce. However, what happens if a servicemember's spouse wants to divorce them while they are on active duty?

Same-sex couples face hurdles when it comes to divorce

In 2015, same-sex marriage became legal in the United States. This allowed many same-sex couples in Tennessee and nationwide to finally enjoy the same right to marry as heterosexual couples and, with that, all the legal rights and benefits of marriage. Of course, for a variety of reasons, some marriages are simply not meant to last. However, some same-sex couples are finding that, despite being legally married, they are facing some hurdles when they try to divorce that heterosexual couples may not face.

What options do I have for divorce?

Once the decision to divorce is made, another important decision must be made -- how to put a legal end to the relationship. Based on what they see on television, in movies and through anecdotes, some people in Nashville may believe they have no choice other than to litigate their divorce. However, there are other options that may be less stressful and lead to more satisfactory results.

Sometimes, a legal separation is preferable to divorce

Often, Tennessee spouses will live apart for a while before seeking a divorce. They may want to give themselves some breathing room to determine whether divorce is their best option. Alternatively, they may not want to divorce due to religious reasons or financial reasons, but still want to live apart. In these situations, they may want to seek a "legal separation," rather than merely an informal arrangement. A legal separation granted by the court gives each party both rights and responsibilities that are legally enforceable. But, unlike a divorce, it does not result in the dissolution of the marriage.

How dating during divorce can cause problems

It is not uncommon for people going through a divorce to find comfort in another person. This person may start out as someone who is merely a shoulder to cry on or to vent about troubling things about the divorce, but he or she may develop into something more. When a relationship turns intimate, and the person stays the night, the divorce may get complicated if there are children involved.

Military divorce fundamentals

Military couples undergoing divorce in Tennessee face additional issues because federal and state laws play important roles. Confronting these legal matters is important.

LGBTQ poses new divorce challenges

Same-sex couples end their marriages through divorce, on average, at a rate of 1.1 percent each year compared to the two percent rate for same-sex couples. However, same-sex couples face new and complex divorce issues in Tennessee since the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed marital rights to these couples in 2015.

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